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The Curse of Stebbing-Heuer: Mark Textor talks himself into irrelevance

The Australian Liberal Party’s then pollster, Mark Textor, had this to say in September 2015, in an interview with the Australian Financial Review, about the party’s more conservative members: The loss of disgruntled conservatives will be outweighed by the appeal … Continue reading

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Worth reading – Camille Paglia

Camille Paglia discusses the Trump presidency and leftists quietism on islamic terror.

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From James Kirkpatrick, at Unz: From Breitbart to [Teresa] May, from CNN to Ariana Grande, the West is living in denial. Hopkins and McHugh have been targeted because they suggest actually doing something to solve the problem, namely, 1) getting Muslims … Continue reading

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An inability to learn

From a review of Lynne Olson’s Last Hope Island that I found in the Fin this weekend: In the early evening of March 6, 1942, Lauwers sat in an apartment in The Hague, waiting to begin his scheduled biweekly transmission … Continue reading

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A succinct summary statement

Watching the avalanche of information cascade through the internet following the release of the Podesta emails, I’m placing increasing credence in this succinct summary of how corruption works against human freedom: Paedophilia is a fundamental ‘cement’ that holds the networks of … Continue reading

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Trump hits the nail on the head

Trump on Twitter: Today there were terror attacks in Turkey, Switzerland and Germany – and it is only getting worse. The civilized world must change thinking! 10:21 AM – 20 Dec 2016

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‘Fake News Blame Russia’: Brandon Smith’s explanation

Brandom Smith has (as ever) an interesting explanation for the ‘FAKE NEWS BLAME RUSSIA!’ outbreak currently flooding the mainstream press. Brandon’s hypothesis – that there are immensely powerful ‘puppet masters’ who are controlling events so as to increase their own … Continue reading

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US election – popcorn-a-rama

Hector Morenco: Soon the world will discover HRC & Obama are at the center of the Syrian conflict, profited from the Clinton foundation, & ignored ISIS. Quatar & Saudis donated to the Clinton foundation while HRC was Sec. State. In … Continue reading

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Two cheers for Martin Wolf

I hardly agree at all with Martin Wolf on anything these days. I once admired his wisdom, intelligence and perspicacity, but those days are long gone, and I suspect old ‘Two Brains’ has fallen into his dotage. I suspect younger … Continue reading

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Slothful induction and islamic terrorism, part CXXVI

The lair behind what appears to be a fake ‘Anthony Weiner’ account puts it as bluntly as is possible:  Muslims could literally invade @CNN studios and behead a dozen people on live TV and we’d still be lectured about jumping … Continue reading

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