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Bernard Lewis on Hypothesis Testing

A quotation on hypothesis-testing from the recently-deceased scholar of islam Bernard Lewis, which I saw recently in this article in Quadrant: The scholar tests his hypothesis against the evidence; he doesn’t test the evidence against his hypothesis, and then accept … Continue reading

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Sundry observations

Among my reading and film watching, I occasionally come across something which confirms that I’m on the right track with my course – which tells me that what I am planning to tell students is on the right track, and … Continue reading

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Anomalies, Red Flags and Insights – an Example

From the Australian Financial Review, 29-30 July – ‘Nudity, fish and guns in the new age of inflation’: To casual readers, the cover of the June 2009 edition of British Vogue, featuring supermodel Natalia Vodianova in the nude, was a … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking – what is it?

Making my way through the library of Paul Monk’s essays that I recently discovered, I came across this passage in the essay Expert Knowledge and Scientific Thinking are Under Siege: The most important of…intellectual capabilities and the one most under … Continue reading

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An inability to learn

From a review of Lynne Olson’s Last Hope Island that I found in the Fin this weekend: In the early evening of March 6, 1942, Lauwers sat in an apartment in The Hague, waiting to begin his scheduled biweekly transmission … Continue reading

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