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An inability to learn

From a review of Lynne Olson’s Last Hope Island that I found in the Fin this weekend: In the early evening of March 6, 1942, Lauwers sat in an apartment in The Hague, waiting to begin his scheduled biweekly transmission … Continue reading

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Mossack Fonseca: who and why?

No doubt there’s going to be a lot of press coverage of the disclosures arising from the Mossack Fonseca document leak. However, there are two important questions that I don’t think will ever be answered – mostly because I suspect … Continue reading

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Chinese behaviour in the South China Sea: talking itself into a corner

The greatest geopolitical concern that I have, as an Australian, is the Chinese government’s militant assertion of its entitlement to the entirety of the South China Sea. No one wins from this. China is upsetting all its neighbours, causing alarm … Continue reading

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MH370: alternative theory dismissed by Maldives Civil Aviation Authority

On April 7, I wrote an entry about the disappearance of MH370, and the possibility that, rather than having crashed in the tempestuous waters of the Southern Indian Ocean, it may have come down somewhere near the Maldives. The Weekend … Continue reading

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Problems in attributing causation: women’s participation and success in chess

Also in Friday’s Australian Financial Review, this time on page 5 of the ‘Review’ section, was an article by Dominic Lawson about why women were under-represented among the ranks of top chess players worldwide. English grandmaster Nigel Short has, at … Continue reading

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MH370: perhaps the investigation should be broadened

While reading the Weekend Oz this Sunday past – dead tree version, my internet email address ruled me out of getting an electronic subscription when I applied – I initially passed over the front-page story about the villagers in the … Continue reading

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Costs of failing to think ‘outside the square’: US military tactics in Vietnam

The tunnels used by the Viet Cong for logistics, movement and concealment bedevilled the US military and delayed a military success until the US populace had lost the will to continue fighting to final victory. The US had a technological solution to the problem of the tunnels, but decision-makers’ failure to ‘think outside the box’ meant that it was applied too late. Continue reading

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