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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

From the Australian Financial Review, 29-30 July – ‘Slow Connections’: When Stephen Sims hears one of his clients is getting the National Broadband Network installed, he sends them a wireless router and a 4G dongle. “The NBN connections have been … Continue reading

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The Strategic Consequences of Donald Trump’s Limbic System

Syrian air force bombs a munitions dump belonging to insurgents. Aerosol anti-personnel chemicals are released into the surrounding atmosphere, and drift towards a town in which people, including numerous children, reside. The chemicals adversely affect the people’s health. A camera-team … Continue reading

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Thoughts on statements arising in Nisbett’s ‘Mindware’

While relaxing on a superb and inspirational three-week holiday in Japan … … I began reading through a book that I’d purchased in January of this year, which I thought would provide some useful insights for my course – Mindware, by professor of psychology … Continue reading

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From the ‘Cutting one’s nose off …’ department

A historical episode which, if it happened this year, would quite possibly win the Zbig Brzezinski Prize for Myopia. From page 342 of an interesting but overly-long book, Operation Kronstadt, by Harry Ferguson: But before Paul [Dukes, MI6’s operative in Bolshevik Russia just … Continue reading

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Zbig Brzezinski Prize: oil exporters enter the competition

And so, only one day after the initiation of the competition, we have a collective entry into the competition for the Zbigniew Brzezinski Prize for Myopia: When the price of oil was above $100, many of the less developed oil exporting … Continue reading

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A new award, for the ‘Esau Problem’

Yes, I’m going to introduce a new annual award, to sit alongside the Tony Abbott Award for ‘No true Scotsman …’ errors and the Catherine Burn Prize for Slothful Induction. This will be the Zbigniew Brzezinski Prize for Myopia, in honour of … Continue reading

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Public Choice Theory Vindicated! … umm, again

The Principle-Agent Problem strikes again. Who’da thunk it?? “Most of my colleagues are dishonest career politicians who revel in the power and special-interest money that’s lavished upon them.” “My main job is to keep my job, to get reelected. It … Continue reading

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The Horrendous NBN

Catching up on my reading, and on material which I have wanted to write a post about after seeing it, I finally found these couple of pieces, from the Fin Review of June 12 this year, regarding the National Broadband Network. First, … Continue reading

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