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Sound reasoning: two recent examples

Three recent examples of sound reasoning that I would like to bring to your attention. The first is a speech to the Global Warming Policy Foundation by the former Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, delivered in London this last … Continue reading

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Confirmation bias: reporting the story, or the story as one sees it?

In a letter to the Financial Times of July 6, Martin Staniforth engages in critical thinking and asks the right questions: Sir, Peter Geiger (Letters, July 3) castigates public servants for relying on expert advice. However he seems only too … Continue reading

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Interesting posts

James Howard Kunstler on how the madness of the Baizuo has finally provoked the blond beast. We had it shackled, locked in a lead-lined nailed coffin, entombed in a stone mausoleum, for seventy years. And these unspeakables, so righteous in … Continue reading

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Foresight – Enoch Powell

A letter to the Financial Times, from Mr Julian Boswall, 20 June, 2017: Sir, It is not correct that the people in Britain were mendaciously told in 1975 that the common market had “no political agenda” (Letters, June 16). Enoch … Continue reading

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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

From the Australian Financial Review, 29-30 July – ‘Slow Connections’: When Stephen Sims hears one of his clients is getting the National Broadband Network installed, he sends them a wireless router and a 4G dongle. “The NBN connections have been … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking – what is it?

Making my way through the library of Paul Monk’s essays that I recently discovered, I came across this passage in the essay Expert Knowledge and Scientific Thinking are Under Siege: The most important of…intellectual capabilities and the one most under … Continue reading

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