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Foresight – Enoch Powell

A letter to the Financial Times, from Mr Julian Boswall, 20 June, 2017: Sir, It is not correct that the people in Britain were mendaciously told in 1975 that the common market had “no political agenda” (Letters, June 16). Enoch … Continue reading

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Sound Reasoning: Greg Smith has a novel proposal for improving property taxes

I noted a particularly praiseworthy suggestion for reforming property taxes in the Australian Financial Review of June 26. The proposal came from Greg Smith, a former senior officer in the Australian Treasury and one whose knowledge of tax and tax … Continue reading

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Wisdom from a successful man

I can’t say I’m enamoured of Warren Buffett. But he is no fool and he does speak sense. From the Weekend AFR, June 6-7, p.44: One of the best things you can do in life is to surround yourself with … Continue reading

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An example of sound reasoning: Jim Reid from Deutsche Bank

The Stebbing-Heuer Project devotes most of its pixels to uncovering, advertising and demonstrating examples of poor reasoning and drawing lessons from these. While this is a necessary for the task of improving the quality of reasoning in the world, it … Continue reading

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The power of clear, effective thinking and good decision-making: a demonstration

This morning, while walking to the office, I happened to find myself directly beneath the take-off path of a Boeing 747, on its way to somewhere distant and possibly exotic. The combination of the immense scale of the aeroplane, the sound that it … Continue reading

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