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MH370: alternative theory dismissed by Maldives Civil Aviation Authority

On April 7, I wrote an entry about the disappearance of MH370, and the possibility that, rather than having crashed in the tempestuous waters of the Southern Indian Ocean, it may have come down somewhere near the Maldives. The Weekend … Continue reading

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MH370: perhaps the investigation should be broadened

While reading the Weekend Oz this Sunday past – dead tree version, my internet email address ruled me out of getting an electronic subscription when I applied – I initially passed over the front-page story about the villagers in the … Continue reading

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‘And therein lies the puzzling question …’: hypothsising about the reasons for Julia Gillard’s actions as regards the AWU brief

Buried on page 32 of the Fin Review of November 7, in the Legal Affairs section, I found quite a perceptive article by Hannah Low, a journo with legal qualifications and experience. Low’s piece, titled Commission critical of Gillard’s conduct at firm, goes … Continue reading

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