Bioleninism: action and reaction

An informative interview with the founder of the insightful concept of Bioleninism.

One corollary of this discovery is, I think:

  • if one of the important things that people want in life is status, and Bioleninism is all about exploiting the energies and loyalty of misfits, who boil with Nietzschean ressentiment, by lifting their status; and
  • the mechanism by which this elevation occurs is the degradation of status of white Europeans, particularly white European Christians and even more so of white European men; then
  • what happens when the status-degraded white Europeans, equally interested in maintaining or lifting their status, seek a similar elevation?

I fear that we already know the ominous answer to that question. Yet another power-obsessed psychopath will come along to exploit these poor bastards’ need for status.

And, if you care to look, you can see that the process is already starting.

Thinking back thirty years, I had a history teacher who said something about the Nazi programme and its popularity which has stuck in my mind. The guy was quite the nitwit, and I quickly lost respect for him, but whether or not this was his idea this one thing that he said made an impact. He said that what the Nazis offered the Germans in the early 1930s – when they were still living under the Versailles Treaty, with its heavy reparations and its War Guilt clause, and were being ground into the dirt by the miseries of the Great Depression – was ‘work, bread, and pride’. This always seemed a sound explanation of what appealed to the German electorate – although having read more about it in the years since I think their opposition to Communism, which terrified the German middle classes, was equally if not more important – but in the light of the Bioleninism concept, the word ‘pride’ in that trinity becomes much more significant.

As I tell a good friend of mine: in the West, we have had the savage beast of right-wing extremism chained tightly and locked in a steel vault with a stake through its heart for the last 75 years, not able even to move a muscle; and now these leftard nitwits, drunk on self-righteousness and a hatred of ordinary people based solely on their skin colour, are bringing that beast back to life. Once it is up, the chains and the steel won’t be enough, we’ll have to drive a stake through its heart once again. And that ain’t fun.

The next 20-30 years are going to be interesting, in a Chinese proverb kind of way.

NOTE, MARCH 2: Yesterday, this post recorded a number of hits from all over the net. I wondered where the hits were coming from, so I checked my Twitter timeline to see if the hits were coming from there. Lo and behold, the tweet carrying this post was missing from the timeline. My other posts were there – but not this one. So I’ve re-tweeted it – let’s see what happens.

NOTE, APRIL 8: Son of a gun.

NOTE, AUGUST 9: Eric Weinstein appears to share my concerns:

The real fear I have is much more on the right; that we had the right down to a couple of zealots with tiki-torches, and now the far-left is going to antagonise ordinary human beings to move farther and farther right to escape an attack on reason and civility themselves.

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A person interested in exploring human perception, reasoning, judgement and deciding, and in promoting clear, effective thinking and the making of good decisions.
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