Monk. Islam.

Further reading of the Monk archive allowed me to find this, in his essay ISIS and the Pathology of Islam:

In short, the one God of Islam is not the God of Abraham, of Micah, of Isaiah – or of Jesus. Muhammad’s deity is a God of war and conquest and the Sunna, the example of the Prophet, is one of jihad and the killing of one’s enemies and critics. This fundamental problem Manne does not address.

Islam did not arise or spread by peace or persuasion, nor did Muhammad preach that it should do so. It arose as a religion calling for the violent overthrow of all non-Muslim religions and principalities, in order that the ‘truth’ might prevail. For several centuries, its adherents strove by all means at their disposal to conquer the whole of Europe and Asia. The much criticized crusades were a belated and relatively small scale response to these wars of conquest.

The Ottomans renewed those wars of conquest and took Constantinople, Greece and the Balkans. Modern jihadists, including Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, decades before Sayyid Qutb wrote Milestones, sought to revive this tradition of Muslim militancy. It is very active now in many parts of the Muslim world and by no means confined to that vicious enclave which calls itself the Islamic State.

This is the larger problem. Sayyid Qutb’s master work was In the Shade of the Qur’an (1954). Those who insist that ISIS is an aberrant form of Islam and its rise the fault of the West, must reckon with the fact that ‘the shade of the Qur’an’ is the complacent, but dangerous assumption that Islam is the ‘final revelation’ and that sooner or later the world must and will become Muslim – through jihad and as the ‘will of Allah’. If you are reading Manne’s book closely, you will perceive this between the lines – but it is not directly stated or addressed. It needs to be.

It most certainly does.

And for that to happen, we in the west have to throw out the prevaricating, equivocating, deracinated, craven, worse-than-useless politicians whose avarice has led us to the dangers in which we find ourselves.




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