Slothful Induction and islamic Terrorism

One reason for recently taking a new role in Europe was to see the place before the muslim invasion made it impossible to move around safely.

I think I’ve left it too late. The place was already sinking when I visited for work back in 2002. Seeing young arab thugs harass little old ladies in the suburbs of Paris made my stomach turn. That was 15 years ago. Things are much worse now.

What is interesting, for our purposes, is seeing the strength of the hold that the mind-set that created the problem has over the cognitive and power elites of western Europe. islam has made its aims clear, in its books, its laws, its history, its practices. And it is now making them manifest on the undefended, sheep-like populations of the region. And despite the mayhem, the now-regular massacres of innocents in the name of allah, except for small, brave sections of the population, neither the masses nor the elites are capable of doing anything to save themselves – their families, their wealth, their ideals and beliefs, their land. They are completely impotent in the face of their executors.

Their beliefs are so strong as to paralyse them in the face of death and destruction. They would rather sacrifice their children than sacrifice their beliefs.

Another amazing fact is that our society went through something precisely like this only a generation ago. And our paralysis in the face of mortal threat was noted then, as well, by the iconoclastic and insightful Australian philosopher David Stove (reproduced here):

Wasps never live to see their offspring, but this has not prevented some of them from hitting on an ingenious way of providing for the future welfare of their young. They build clay cells, deposit their eggs in them, stock the cells with spiders, and seal them up. The spiders have been paralyzed by the parent wasp, by chemical means. This chemical not only does not kill the spider, but leaves him quite unharmed; it just immobilizes him. So the baby wasp, when he emerges from the egg, finds himself surrounded by food: first-class protein at that, and fresh as a daisy.

For the spiders, if they are conscious of being paralyzed, the thing must be horrible almost beyond our ability to imagine. Not quite beyond it, however; because we have all known something like this paralysis in our dreams. We dream that we are in some fearful danger, and we try to flee or fight; but our limbs respond only faintly, or not at all, to our will. We try to call for help, or we simply scream; but, most horribly, no sound comes out of our mouth. Our mental energies are all intact, but our physical energies have somehow vanished. This paralysis, all will agree, is the crowning horror of a nightmare.

But nightmares are not the only parallel which our experience furnishes to the spiders’ plight. Citizens of the open societies of the West have experienced, during the last forty years, a waking parallel to it: a political one. In these societies, the communist power comes steadily on, not only without the citizens wishing it, but in direct opposition to their wills. Hardly one in a hundred of them does not regard communism with fear and loathing, and they try to give effect to these mental energies. They write, or talk, or at least vote, against the communists: yet it is all as though they did not. Somehow, no one can tell how, their resistance is paralyzed, just as in a nightmare.

No one will suppose that the causes of this political paralysis are purelyintellectual. But to an important extent its cause is intellectual, and even (odd as this may sound) purely logical. The fact is, we painted ourselves into a logical corner. We set ourselves to achieve a society which would be maximally-tolerant. But that resolve not only gives maximum scope to the activities of those who have set themselves to achieve the maximally-intolerant society. It also, and more importantly, paralyses our powers of resistance to them, and evidently must do so. It is this logical problem, as much as anything, which has nullified internal resistance in the West to communist power.

And a separate, different, but no less profound, insight into our paralysis, from Auden:

We would rather be ruined than changed
We would rather die in our dread
Than climb the cross of the moment
And let our illusions die.

I’ll do my best to see as much as possible of this old, blood-drenched continent while I can, over the next two or three years, dodging the bombs, the knives, the automatic guns and the nightmare vehicles.

And then I’m going to get the hell out of here, and go back to my home country, and do everything I can to ensure that what is happening here doesn’t happen there.

Update: May responds. Zero credibility.


About Stebbing Heuer

A person interested in exploring human perception, reasoning, judgement and deciding, and in promoting clear, effective thinking and the making of good decisions.
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