Leftist’s Action, Liberty’s Reaction

I’ve been observing developments on the left-side fringes of US politics with a growing sense of anxiety, driven in equal parts by bewilderment and deep concern. The most recent election has removed the masking slogans of tolerance, harmony and diversity, and revealed motivating sentiments of anger and hatred held by a broad range of social groups towards a single group – white males. The justification for this hatred – which is immensely powerful, visceral and far beyond reason – is a broad belief that these white males, both historically and now, have held members of these groups back, pushed them down, oppressed them, enslaved them, objectified them, committed violence against them, held together.

The continuous feeding of this hatred with stories of abuse and oppression, aired without counter-stories or questions, has turned the politicised left – the social movements, whose members and leaders are populated with highly-motivated, highly aggrieved and not too bright people – into frenzied shock-troops for the leftist cause. They are vocal in their condemnations of all they don’t like, and willing to do violence to those who displease them or whom they perceive are their enemies.

I can’t say where this latest movement has come from. My guess is that whatever intellectual content it has is the latest excrescence of the cultural marxism that has had control over the universities since the 1970s. The emotional content is I think a combination of this rubbish being fed to young, idealistic, generally well-meaning but gullible young people, and the fact that forty-or-so years of equal opportunity programmes not having created equality of outcomes, and in some cases having them become worse despite these programmes. The left, which championed these equal opportunity programmes, is left with the choice of either

  1. acknowledging that differences in outcomes are the result of differences between groups which are exacerbated, rather than reduced, by equality of opportunity; or
  2. attributing inequality of outcomes to enduring racism, sexism, hatred of homosexuals, etc, and bypassing equality of opportunity for equality of outcomes – something which has been happening anyway (ask Scott Adams how he came to be a cartoonist), but which will now be made a direct aim of government and corporate policy.

The resources financing the teaching of this nonsense theory and the activism that it has created come from the ongoing fiat-funded welfare state, which hands out money to whatever social group can organise the most convincing and fashionable sob story (think I’m wrong? what has been done for the homeless or unemployed lately?).

No surprise that the leftists cannot acknowledge 1 – that would be to acknowledge that you and your like can’t compete in the open market, and that the people with the wealth and the power have that wealth and power because they built and earnt it. And so they go to 2, and the rest of us get the racket of ‘unconscious bias’ training and schemes which openly hire and promote non-white females at the expense of white males.

But for the young, university-age activists, training programmes for white men in unconscious bias and rape culture, and positive discrimination in enrollment, recruitment and promotion, aren’t enough. They don’t just want to remove white males from positions of power. They, at best, want to relieve them of their wealth, tax them to subsidise desired social programmes, silence them in the public space, and do violence against them, possibly to the point of genocide.

I never thought I would see this.  Least of all in the United States, a leading developed country. I don’t know that it’s possible to talk to the radicals at this point. Their frenzy and prejudice is so strong now. This is an old tale, and not just in the history of social groups. I remember reading, many years ago on an internet forum for discussing the work of David Stove, a story from someone who had worked in a psychiatric ward. He said there was one patient there, a large, middle-aged man, who occasionally while walking around would start saying ‘Jesus came to save the sinners!’ After repeating this a few times and building himself up into a frenzy, he would begin head-butting anyone within range, before he was restrained. I can’t help but see parallels with the behaviour of the radical left: after building themselves up into a frenzy by repeating the phrases ‘Diversity is our Strength!’ or ‘Black Lives Matter!’ or some other slogan, they are now out doing violence against anyone in range who doesn’t, physically, fit their idea of a ‘safe’ person.

You see it in the protests against men’s rights demonstrations, and films such as ‘The Red Pill’ which show those demonstrations and counter-demonstrations. The violence against free-speech supporters. Against Trump supporters. Against Republicans of all kind – recently, a rose parade in Portland, Oregan was cancelled after Antifa threatened to disrupt it because the local Republican group was part of the show.

The western world is the wealthiest it has ever been, and yet the nuttiness and frenzy and hatred are at levels I’ve never seen before. I don’t have a solution. Sadly, as much as I would like to, I can’t get away from these people. They always seem to be everywhere, whingeing and moaning and demanding and curtailing others’ rights and striking out against others, never letting them have a moment’s peace. I can’t see any alternative but to raise the flag for freedom, invite discussion where possible, and argue against nonsense wherever I can.

Some interesting links:

Lots more out there. It’s time to hoist the black flag and join the fight for freedom.


About Stebbing Heuer

A person interested in exploring human perception, reasoning, judgement and deciding, and in promoting clear, effective thinking and the making of good decisions.
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One Response to Leftist’s Action, Liberty’s Reaction

  1. Anti-Gnostic says:

    “The justification for this hatred – which is immensely powerful, visceral and far beyond reason – is a broad belief that these white males, both historically and now, have held members of these groups back, pushed them down, oppressed them, enslaved them, objectified them, committed violence against them, held together.”

    Fake News Story. There is no “war” on white males.


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