‘Gertrude, do not drink’: First step

September last year:

What Congress’ actions do is place pressure on the Saudis to ‘fess up. The Saudis are weak, and completely reliant on the US for their existence. If the US turns on them – as Congress is doing, and the population did long ago – then they disappear in a sandstorm of blood-soaked violence. Their only allies are whoever is in the White House. But the White House can’t protect them without compromising the US government. The White House is being forced to choose to protect the Saudis, because if it doesn’t, the Saudis will spill the beans in the interests of self-preservation, and that will break the official cover story wide open.

But the White House can’t keep protecting the Saudis, because Congress can overturn the White House’s veto of  JASTA. How should the White House react? Most likely, it will do everything it can to sway as many Congressional representatives as it needs to in order to maintain the veto. And that will mean leaning on them to protect the Saudis ‘in the interests of national security’. With the Saudis so on the nose, more persuasion is likely to be needed, and that may include the White House’s telling people, in confidence, about the joint US-Saudi operation that went wrong. It’s a Hail Mary pass, and one that could backfire, because it would mean that, for the first time in 15 years, the White House had let slip the truth. And once it’s out, it’s explosive.

And if the White House can’t protect the Saudis, no matter what it does, then the Saudis spill the beans.

And the whole of September 11 is revised in the light of this new information …

The dilemma facing the White House is similar to that which faced Claudius. They have engaged in a dark plot, which went wrong, and which now, through a combination of its own self-serving deceits and the naivety of those who believe those deceits, is coming unstuck. They need to protect the secrecy of the plot, but to do so, they must also protect the Saudis, their co-conspirators, an action which risks uncovering the plot.

And today:

U.S. Insurers Sue Saudis for $4.2 Billion Over 9/11

Last year’s Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), a bill which allowed Americans to sue Saudi Arabia in US court over their involvement in 9/11, has yielded another major lawsuit yesterday, a $4.2 billion suit filed by over two dozen US insurers related to losses sustained because of the 2001 attack.

The lawsuit is targeting a pair of Saudi banks, and a number of Saudi companies with ties to the bin Laden family, accusing them of various activities in support of al-Qaeda in the years ahead of 9/11, and subsequently having “aided and abetted” the attack.

The biggest target is the Saudi National Commercial Bank, which is majority state-owned. The Saudi government heavily pressured the Obama Administration to block the JASTA last year, threatening to crash the US treasury market if it led to lawsuits, but overwhelming Congressional support still got it passed into law.

While there were more than a few lawsuits already filed in the past several weeks related to JASTA, this is by far the biggest, and most previous lawsuits are still in limbo as the court and lawyers try to combine them into various class action groups.

Historically, US sovereign immunity laws have prevented suits against the Saudi government related to overseas terrorism. With the release of the Saudi-related portions of the 9/11 Report last year, however, such suits were inevitable, and the federal government could no longer protect the Saudis from litigation.


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