A convenient scapegoat: ‘The climate made them do it!!’

This actually happened:

Psychotherapist and “expert on sexual criminals,” Börje Svensson, has finally figured out the mystery behind rising sexual assaults in Sweden.  Want to guess where he places the blame?  Well, if you guessed ManBearPig then you’re absolutely right!  And we thought it might have something to do with the massive spike in refugees flooding into Sweden from countries that don’t really share the same “respect” for women as the Western world.

The ‘nice’ thing about this explanation is that it exculpates the cult-marxists from blame for having created the newly-emergent rape culture.


The sexual assaults at this summer’s music festivals have come one after another. Many people were therefore aghast to learn that the organizers of the Trästocksfestivalen music festival in Skellefteå had decided to arrange free bus rides to the festival for the local “unaccompanied refugee children.”

However, festival chief Nils Andrén could not understand the criticism against the free buses at all, and stated that the festival’s motto is “accessibility”, and that it might seem expensive to new arrivals to pay for a bus ride to the festival themselves. Apart from offering free bus rides, the organizers also printed up posters advertising the festival in Persian, Arabic and Tigrinya. They claimed they were “proud to be the first music festival in Sweden that encourages a significant increase of newly arrived migrants in the audience.”

By the time the Trästocksfestivalen ended, the police counted twelve reported sexual assaults.

The police concluded the report by suggesting various measures to prevent and investigate sexual assaults involving young people at public gatherings …

Nowhere in the report do the investigators suggest that politicians should take steps to ensure that Sweden accepts fewer asylum seekers from the countries where taharrush gamea is commonplace. Apparently, Swedish girls and women should learn to live with being groped and raped — or leave the public space altogether. The latter seems quite in line with what Islamic sharia law prescribes.

The question (again): how much unreality can a society bear?

And a new question: what sort of a society not only allows this to happen to its daughters, but enthusiastically creates the conditions for its flourishing?

UPDATE: I’m sure this was due to climate change too.



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