The question remains: where is the breaking point for The Narrative?

Alternatively phrased (and I repeat): How much more unreality can we bear?

Either The Narrative has a breaking point, or it is subsumed under islam.

Marxism facilitating the resurgence of, refusing to acknowledge the threat from, and then succumbing to, islam. Who could have foreseen such a development.

UPDATE: the French Prime Minister announces that government will hold to The Narrative, and that the consequent terrorist attacks will just have to be endured as a price of that. At the same time, France’s security chief indicatesagain, for the second time – that the breaking point is near, and that if The Narrative is not changed it will be replaced.

Amazing to watch this unfolding in real time. ‘Tomorrow’ has arrived, with scales and abacus in tow. The reckoning will be bloody.

UPDATE II: a most Heavenly Body dares oppose The Narrative on national television, provoking furious outrage from The Cathedral and its acolytes; let’s hope this is the beginning of the collapse of The Narrative.

UPDATE III: business as usual in The Cathedral’s New Europe.


About Stebbing Heuer

A person interested in exploring human perception, reasoning, judgement and deciding, and in promoting clear, effective thinking and the making of good decisions.
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