Interesting observations …

… from Alec Leamas, at Steve Sailer’s blog:

He’s (Trump) naturally pretty good at the art of modern political debate and speaking – which is to say using a mix of phrases and buzzwords which stroke voters’ emotional centers. Studies now seem to indicate that even intelligent and well educated people don’t form opinions through dispassionate study, reason and argument – but rather by first having a strong emotion and only afterwards seeking the words to rationalize that opinion. Therefore the only reliable way to change opinions, particularly on a mass scale, is by changing the underlying emotional response to the proposition. The corrupt media seems to understand this – perhaps only intuitively.

Note that, for all of his praise as a great orator, Obama did the same thing albeit with a different style. In 2007 I would often challenge people who expressed this belief to write down what he was saying. Invariably, it was a salad of phrases, buzzwords, and cliches which didn’t sustain scrutiny in written form if your aim was to derive a definite meaning. He just wasn’t saying anything.

Which was my opinion as well, at the time. I suppose it’s natural, then, that a culture that celebrates superficial qualities – handsomeness, articulation, expressing the ‘right’ sentiments – and ignores or deprecates substance, will end up with a president reflecting this behaviour.

There are natural consequences to this, of course. And, not feeling at all responsible for either the cause or the consequences, I just wish I knew where I could go to in order to escape them.

On the issue of Nerds vs. Big Men, I find that I fear Nerds in power much more. Having power (first physically, then socially) from a young age acclimates one to its use and misuse, and often gains the attention of adults who will seek to temper it and direct it to fair and just use. Physical competition against evenly matched opponents further tempers power. Nerds who suddenly come into power, by contrast, take to its abuse like fish to water – meting out retributive punishments for past psychic traumas often from childhood. The internet has proven that many nerds would have been horribly sadistic bullies much worse than the real thing had they possessed the muscle at the time.

So true.

Government Announces Budget Cuts After Dropping Carbon Tax





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