Time’s Up

I may have begun what I was hoping would be my Life’s Work too late.

From the always impressive Richard Fernandez

Henry Porter argues that in Europe the time for extremism may be already here.  In a Vanity Fair article titled “Terrorism, Migrants, and Crippling Debt: Is This the End of Europe?” Porter depicted the air of siege, uncertainty, economic malaise, hatred and “existential crisis” which grips it.   “Doubt is the commodity in greatest supply among Europe’s leaders at the moment,” he wrote.  Like the American journalists, the Europeans are beginning to throw in the towel and eye the escape hoods, as hope for rescue fades away.

One of the most celebrated correspondents of the Syrian civil war, Niklas Meltio, is leaving the blood-soaked fields of the Middle East for Europe because he figures that’s where the action will be. “It feels like I’m just continuing covering the same conflict but from a different point of view,” Mr. Meltio, 36, said …

How New Year’s Eve in Cologne could be described as “peaceful” is for historians to figure out.  For the moment it is sufficient to understand that the awaited discontinuity is no longer imminent, but has actually come.  The nuclear genie is out of the bottle.  Iran is building up its warhead delivery infrastructure.  Its ally North Korea is developing fusion weapons. Pakistan is building an arsenal of suitcase nukes.  The Syrian civil war shows every sign of expanding.  The House of Saud may be teetering on the brink. Three million migrants are due to cross into Europe in 2016.  China may be heading for an economic meltdown that will take whole sections of the world down with it.

I wish he were wrong. But part of my job is to pay close attention to political, social and economic developments. And what I’m seeing is terrifying. Everything appears to be going the wrong way.

Worse, rather than having the few years I thought the world had, in order to try to correct course and salvage the situation, one can make a strong case that the ‘discontinuity’, as Fernandez puts it, has indeed arrived.

As they say, hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

I also recommend the piece with which Fernandez follows the one linked above:

It’s on, the long awaited fight against PC orthodoxy is finally on …

The commotion you hear is not going to stop, it will only get worse. The Western Spring is finally here, and before it’s done it threatens to change everything.

The tension between the forces of political correctness and the pent-up forces of repressed cultural traditions is now bursting like a spring wound up beyond containment …

[T]he question facing people caught in the middle is where to run. There is nowhere obvious. In Europe, Ross Douthat argues, all exits are temporarily blocked.  The left has destroyed the middle, leaving only a choice of extremes.

Exhilarating and terrifying. Read the whole thing.


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A person interested in exploring human perception, reasoning, judgement and deciding, and in promoting clear, effective thinking and the making of good decisions.
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