MH370: alternative theory dismissed by Maldives Civil Aviation Authority

On April 7, I wrote an entry about the disappearance of MH370, and the possibility that, rather than having crashed in the tempestuous waters of the Southern Indian Ocean, it may have come down somewhere near the Maldives.

The Weekend Australian of June 20-21 contains an article, on p. 13, ‘MH370 Maldives theory dismissed’, reporting that the Maldives Civil Aviation Authority has investigated this theory and has dismissed it:

Sightings by villagers in the Maldives in March last year of an aircraft they believed could have been the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 have been reinvestigated by the head of the country’s aviation authority, resulting in the theory being all but ruled out.

Maldives Civil Aviation Authority chairman Ibrahim Faizal said in early April that he was concerned the villagers’ claims had not been properly reviewed by Defence or other agencies in his country …

Mr Faizal said at the time he believed the aircraft the villagers saw crossing the remote island of Kuda Huvadhoo at a relatively low altitude on the morning it would have crashed could have been the Malaysian jet.

Yesterday, he said he was now confident the villagers had seen a much smaller, 50-seat aircraft near the island at the time.

“I wanted to revisit it because I did not have all the information for me to make a call on it, hence why I had another look at this thing again,” he said in an email.

“I was not personally happy or satisfied at the time over what had happened (with the official review of the witness accounts).

“To be honest, now I have no reason to believe that it’s the MH flight. I am more firm in my conviction after speaking to the island council now. This whole issue was confused by other matters like the sighting of a fire extinguisher – we found that this is not from any aircraft, let alone a B777.

“I am convinced now, given all the information and data we have, that it was not the MH but most likely the Island Aviation Bombardier Dash 8.”

Well done to Mr Faizal for his investigation.


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