‘No true Scotsman …’ : the DLP joins the circus

Looking on jealously at Tony Abbott’s raising our inaugural ‘No true Scotsman …’ award above his head a couple of weeks ago, the Democratic Labour Party has decided that they have to be part of the contest.

And to that end, DLP apparatchik Michael Byrne has written a letter to the Australian Financial Review, where he knew Stebbing Heuer would notice it, and which appeared in the edition of Monday January 12:

The reporting and commentary on the Charlie Hebdo terrorist strike places focus on the human right of freedom of speech. Our tradition of free speech links it to responsibility of its use, with an application of prudence as for its consequences. Prudence is an oft forgotten virtue; its application ought to always precede the deeds of fortitude. In what is a clash of cultures, nothing is gained through deliberate offence. True liberty does not require it. It is well documented that Charlie Hebdo took pride in its “fortitude”, as well as a broader delight in disparaging all things religious of all faiths. From a Christian view, in doing so they lack charity.

With regard to their attack on Islam, they overlooked prudence and became reckless to find an unwanted secular martyrdom in a tragic and evil final act by religious fanatics. There is a lesson in all tragedies. Our current and real risk is the secular state becoming itself religious, raising “rights” to sacraments, assent to blessings, folly to a virtue and mindless murder to martyrdom.

Maybe one day Mr Byrne will take the time to explain to people the difference between ‘true liberty’ and ‘non-true liberty’. I expect it will go something along the lines of ‘ “true liberty” is liberty exercised in a way of which I approve – everything else is “non-true liberty” ‘.

In the interests of saving readers from having to wade once more through the rest of Mr Byrne’s illogical sludge, and because I can’t be bothered dealing with this utter rubbish, I’ll forego the opportunity to ‘Fisk’ the rest of his argument.

Congratulations, Mr Byrne! You’re now in the running for the Tony Abbott ‘No True Scotsman …’ Award for 2015!


About Stebbing Heuer

A person interested in exploring human perception, reasoning, judgement and deciding, and in promoting clear, effective thinking and the making of good decisions.
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