The Suicide of the West, part LXIV

From today’s SMH:

I never studied Shakespeare at school. My mother – an English teacher – told me I’d probably never need it.

[Disclosure: I only clicked on the link to see who the woman behind the pretty face was.]

By the way: Shakespeare’s writing is full of disdain for violent mobs. Given that the eruption of Nietzschean ressentiment in the US has now turned violent, his writing is more relevant than ever, I think.

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Glued to the screen

Light posting these holidays. I’m prepping for an overseas move as well as wrapping up a consulting assignment, so my days are divided between putting stuff in boxes, throwing stuff out, drawing charts and running regressions.

But just quickly: I am amazed at what I am seeing in the US, concerning the transition to a Trump administration and the ever expanding pool of information about the shenanigans of the Clinton Foundation. Hard to know what to make of it all, especially as I’m sure there is a tonne more of information that is yet to come to light (and may never do so).

It seems that a large group of people have been running the US government as their private fiefdom, for personal enrichment and to feed their perverse sexual appetites. Trump’s ascendancy threatens all of that – threatens both to uncover it and to shut it down. Which is why they fought so hard against his candidacy, and are doing everything they can to bring him down before his inauguration.

That none of it has worked, so far, is not re-assuring. These people have so much to lose, are so ruthless (just look at the way they treat children), and are in control of so many resources, that I suspect they’ll just keep escalating until they win. They’ll either try to buy Trump off, or get rid of him.

Clinton Foundation, CIA, FBI, the media, the bankers, the oil people, foreign royals. All in it together, and all with everything to lose.

Truly extraordinary. Never thought I’d see this, ever.

Take care, Don.

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When skin becomes uniform

From the New Yorker:

For local residents, the threat of imminent violence has outweighed the threat from the dam. In Wanke, a small farming community about three miles downstream of the dam, isis positions are visible from the riverbank. When I visited, I found Mohammed Nazir, a Kurdish farmer, irrigating his field. For years, he told me, Wanke was a mixed Arab-Kurdish community. But when isis fighters swept in, during the summer of 2014, many of his Arabic neighbors stepped forward to help the invaders. “They told us, ‘This is not a Kurdish town anymore,’ ” Nazir said. “It was humiliating. They started ordering us around. I knew their children. I went to their weddings. They betrayed everything in life.”

Nazir and his family escaped to a nearby village, where they lived with relatives for a year and a half before isis was expelled from Wanke. When the family moved back, Nazir found that his Arab neighbors had fled with the retreating invaders. “They are not welcome back here,” he said.

Some people in western countries are in for large and unpleasant surprises, in the not too distant future.

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A succinct summary statement

Watching the avalanche of information cascade through the internet following the release of the Podesta emails, I’m placing increasing credence in this succinct summary of how corruption works against human freedom:

Paedophilia is a fundamental ‘cement’ that holds the networks of manipulation together across all political persuasions and allows those in the shadows to blackmail politicians into introducing legislation that advances the agenda of human control.

I hate this entire subject. It is absolutely revolting. But the terrible reality appears to be that it is a key part of the exercise of power and control in political networks.

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Trump hits the nail on the head

Trump on Twitter:

Today there were terror attacks in Turkey, Switzerland and Germany – and it is only getting worse. The civilized world must change thinking!

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Nietzschean ‘Ressentiment’, 21st century style

Ressentiment is a reassignment of the pain that accompanies a sense of one’s own inferiority/failure onto an external scapegoat. The ego creates the illusion of an enemy, a cause that can be “blamed” for one’s own inferiority/failure. Thus, one was thwarted not by a failure in oneself, but rather by an external “evil.”

According to Kierkegaard, ressentiment occurs in a “reflective, passionless age”, in which the populace stifles creativity and passion in passionate individuals. Kierkegaard argues that individuals who do not conform to the masses are made scapegoats and objects of ridicule by the masses, in order to maintain status quo and to instill into the masses their own sense of superiority.

Ressentiment comes from reactiveness: the weaker someone is, the less their capability to suppress reaction.[7] According to Nietzsche, the more a person is active, strong-willed, and dynamic, the less place and time is left for contemplating all that is done to them, and their reactions (like imagining they are actually better) become less compulsive. The reaction of a strong-willed person (a “wild beast”[8]), when it happens, is ideally a short action: it is not a prolonged filling of their intellect.[9]

Video at this link.

At the moment, there is no stopping this development. The world’s losers are talking themselves into hysteria, and blaming white males for their problems. And now their hysteria is morphing into aggression.

What happens if the white males, as they are perfectly entitled to do, ignore them, or tell them to sod off?

This is not going to end well.

Thank heavens I’ve spent years training with edged weapons and in open-hand techniques. Learning to fire a gun is next.



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‘Fake News Blame Russia’: Brandon Smith’s explanation

Brandom Smith has (as ever) an interesting explanation for the ‘FAKE NEWS BLAME RUSSIA!’ outbreak currently flooding the mainstream press.

Brandon’s hypothesis – that there are immensely powerful ‘puppet masters’ who are controlling events so as to increase their own power and delegitimise their opponents – is obviously a minority opinion. But – presuming he isn’t cherry-picking his results – it appears to have an improbably high predictive power.

Try working that one out, my dear brainiacs.

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Fundamental Attribution Error: Yanis Varoufakis explains the context in which he acted to an accuser

Yes, I’m talking about Yanis again. Mentioning him in a post from a few days ago caused me to find a few Youtube clips of him speaking, one of which is his address to the Oxford Union on November 30, 2015.

Between 42 minutes 15 seconds and 48 minutes 50 seconds, we are given a live example of the Fundamental Attribution Error: a questioner puts to Yanis that his failure to win over the council of European finance ministers to his point of view can be attributed to his abrasive and professorial personality, while Yanis responds by explaining the context in which he operated as a determining factor in the outcomes.

Yanis makes a few good points, earlier on and in response to the previous question, about the need to embrace contradictions and the need not to be impressed by authority, but rather to question it.

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Some context for the current, world-shattering citizen investigation

A conversation with two informed people who are able to provide some context for pizzagate.

I hope the citizen investigators keep investigating. No victims have been identified, or have come forward yet, but what has been discovered is chilling and indicates that there is much more to be uncovered – and possibly many lives to be saved.

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‘Fake News’: moral rhetoric in the face of strategic weakness

The ‘fake news’ happening in the US is interesting.

I’m always caught on the back foot by these things. I know that it’s a general rule that people who desire control over others will seek to control what they read and say, in an effort to control what they and others hear and think and promote their own narrative. And so it doesn’t surprise that the leftards, after realising that they were completely wrong about Trump and that they had both lost control of the narrative and lost the ability to shame others into compliance, are aiming to regain control. What surprises me is the way that they are going about it.

The US has tremendously strong institutions and traditions defending freedom of speech. These institutions have been, and are still, too strong for the leftards to challenge. So what they have done to undermine them is:

  • first, define opinions or even mere expressions and statements that they don’t like as ‘hate speech’, and then asserted – without any grounds – that ‘hate speech’ is not covered by the right to freedom of speech;
  • secondly, in response to the evolution of alternative sources of news and opinion to those which promote and defend the narrative, to define these alternatives as ‘fake news’ which the government ought to suppress.

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